10 Times ITZY Covered Boy Group Dances And Proved They’re Good At Everything

Which is your favorite cover?

ITZY is a group with many charms! Though they can groove to girl group tracks like they’re their own, they can also crush it when they perform the choreographies of boy groups.

Check out some of their best male dance covers below!

1. Hard Carry

First up, we need to start the list with their iconic cover of GOT7‘s “Hard Carry.” Whether it’s Idol RoomIdol Radio, or another program, Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryoung consistently kill it with their powerful moves.

2. I Need You

In another instance, Yeji and Ryujin stepped up as soon as BTS‘s “I Need You” started playing. It was even more meaningful as the latter appeared in one of BTS’s highlight reels pre-debut.

They aced it!


Ryujin seems to know every choreography available! She smoothly danced to Taemin‘s “MOVE” alongside Chaeryoung and Yuna.

4. Kick It

Ryujin in a black blazer and pants performing to NCT 127‘s “Kick It” is our newest favorite thing.

5. Back Door

She also showed some love for the group’s “younger brothers,” Stray Kids, by covering “Back Door.”

6. Boss

When it comes to male dances, Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryoung are a certified trio. They were strong and confident when they performed NCT U‘s “Boss.”

7. My House

ITZY paid homage to one of the pillars of JYP Entertainment, 2PM, with their version of “My House.”

Though they added a playful touch to it, they still danced each move perfectly.

8. Run Away

In their Manila concert, ITZY covered TXT‘s “Run Away” during a random dance segment. Ryujin and Chaeryoung knew the beat drop part in the chorus best.

9. Really Really

Before Ryujin debuted in ITZY, she was a contestant in MIXNINE, YG Entertainment‘s survival program. She chose to perform WINNER‘s 2017 hit song “Really Really” alongside other talented girls.

10. Who’s Your Mama

Finally, though he’s not part of a group, ITZY also covered Park Jin Young‘s “Who’s Your Mama,” one of his most famous tracks.

No matter which song they cover, they’re always praise-worthy!