4 Times K-Pop Idols Spoke About What It Was Like Working With BTS

One of these idols worked with BTS when she was a trainee!

Many K-Pop idols have worked with BTS, and some have shared what this experience was like. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. ITZY’s Ryujin on working with Jimin and J-Hope

When ITZY’s Ryujin was a trainee, she worked alongside BTS’s Jimin and J-Hope in BTS’s Love Yourself Highlight Reel.

At a recent fansign, Ryujin spoke about this experience.

They were really kind to me. I was really thankful for that because I was a trainee at the time.

— Ryujin

Ryujin also shared that this experience is a great memory for her!

It was a great memory for me.

— Ryujin

2. Younha speaking on her collaboration with RM

In early 2020, Younha and BTS’s RM released “Winter Flower,” and in an interview, Younha shared that her collaboration with RM was the one that left the biggest impression on her.

I think my collaboration with RM left the biggest impression.

— Younha

When the two worked on “Winter Flower,” RM was abroad for BTS activities, but he still constantly communicated with Younha.

He was traveling all over the world at the time. So he sent me emails that were this long.

— Younha

Younha also praised RM for how detailed he is.

RM played a large part in the depth of the song. He created a lot of those details. I’m really thankful to him about that. He’s very, very detailed. With every single mix or tune, he’s so detailed.

— Younha

3. IU on her experience working with Suga

In 2020, IU released her song “Eight.” BTS’s Suga worked on the song as its producer and featured artist.


IU wanted the song to encompass the era of being 28 (her age at the time). IU also shared that working with Suga was extremely comfortable and relaxing!

[Working together] was comfortable. The creative process was relaxed and comfortable, the most laidback of any song I’ve recently worked on.

— IU

BTS’s Suga

4. Solbi speaking on Jin’s personality

Singer, artist, and TV personality Solbi worked alongside BTS’s Jin on Law of the Jungle, and the two became quite close.

When you go to the jungle, you have no choice but to become friends.

— Solbi

Solbi shared that Jin was the first to approach her and the other castmates to make a group chat. She also shared that when BTS got #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, she texted him to congratulate him. While Jin was busy with schedules at the time, he replied right away.

There’s never been an instance where he didn’t reply to my text. That’s when I thought, ‘he is very detailed, that’s why he is doing so well’. His personality is really good!

— Solbi 


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