IU Talks About Working With BTS’s Suga On “Eight” And Her Creative Process

IU takes fans behind the scenes of “Eight” and its music video.

What happens when two K-Pop legends join forces? A hit song that’s making history faster than you can say, “Eight”.

On May 6, IU released “Eight”, an upbeat song with introspective lyrics about her 28-year-old self traveling through her memoriesBTS‘s Suga worked on the track as its producer and featured artist.

During the making of her “Eight” music video, IU discusses the writing process and what it was like to work with Suga.

She explains that she wanted to do a song that encompasses the era of being 28, similar to how her previous songs “23” and “Palette” reflect certain ages.

IU describes working with Suga, who is also 28-years-old in Korean age, as “comfortable and relaxed”.

[Working together] was comfortable. The creative process was relaxed and comfortable, the most laidback of any song I’ve recently worked on.

— IU

“The melody came to me without much effort, and the lyrics,” IU went on. “I wrote the lyrics without having to think a lot, and I was able to write the song quickly.”

Watch IU’s behind the scenes video here: