5 Things You May Not Have Noticed In ITZY’s “Crazy In Love” Opening Trailer

We’re definitely checking out #3.

ITZY‘s comeback is drawing closer! They recently released the opening trailer for Crazy In Love, and fans immediately noticed several interesting details about it.

Check them out below!

1. Ryujin’s Texts

First up, Ryujin was seen sending messages to a certain someone who never replied back. The balloons falling to her feet depicted exactly what she sent out. Her messages included “Helloooooo???“Wake up!” and “Hey!!!!”

She also hilariously asked, “Are you dying?” at least three times.

2. Ryujin’s Messaging Platform

The platform Ryujin used to send these messages was a familiar one. From the layout of the texts, it can be inferred that she’s a Facebook Messenger user like the rest of us!

3. Lia’s Book

Lia highlighted the phrase “I mean love” and “Love? Love?” in the book that she was reading.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that they were from Sophie Kinsella‘s “Love Your Life.” It is a novel that focuses on the story of Ava and Matt, two people who navigate the ins and outs of their relationship following a whirlwind romance abroad.

Lia | ITZY/YouTube

4. Yuna’s Reference

Yuna‘s concept in the teaser was a rebellious rich girl who walks with two Dalmatians.

Sounds familiar? She seemed to reference the iconic Cruella de Vil from Disney!

Cruella de Vil played by Emma Stone | Disney+

5. The Lyrics

Finally, in one of Yuna’s scenes, her photo was inserted into a magazine layout called “ITZY Daily.” Though the words on the page could be random for purely aesthetics reasons, there’s also a chance that they’re lyrics from their title track “LOCO.”

Walked in, smooth operator hit your mark
I’m gettin’ loco loco

— Lyrics on the magazine page

ITZY’s Crazy In Love will be released on September 24 at 1PM KST. Check out the full teaser below!


Source: YouTube