5 Moments Where ITZY Spoke Flawless English To Celebrate The Drop Of Their All English Album

Multilingual queens.

ITZY recently dropped english versions of all their title tracks online through various outlets. The tracks include their iconic “Not Shy”, “ICY”, “WANNABE” and “DALLA DALLA”. They even dropped a collaboration with virtual dance software, Zepeto, to launch their music video in Zepeto for “Not Shy”, completely in english.

As fans all know, Lia grew up in an international school on Jeju, meaning she’s fluent in english! However, the other members are equally as multilingual. Here’s 5 moments where ITZY spoke flawless english.

1. Their “Good Day New York” interview

Surprisingly, whenever the interviewer asked questions, Ryujin took the lead, showing off her language skills.

2. Food talk

ITZY once went through what they ate in a day! We learnt that Yeji loves to snack on watermelon and salad for dinner. However, she absolutely needs meat in her diet, even if the meat is chicken breast.

3. Chaeryeong’s amazing english

Chaeryeong seems to have mastered english despite not having any environmental background like Lia. Kudos to her!

4. Speak your truth, Yuna

Yuna always pops up with the most random english phrases ever. From “so sexyyyyy” to “I’m still young”, our favorite has got to be, “without love, we are nothing!”

5. Lia queen

Of course, Lia’s english skills come as no doubt, so we’re just going to drop her iconic “ring ring ring, all day long” line in english, right here.

Congratulations ITZY on your english digital album! Do head over to Spotify to check out the girls.