Here Are 10+ Hair Edits Of ITZY That We Wish Were Real

Seriously, when will #3 happen?!

The members of ITZY love experimenting with the trendiest hairstyles like colorful streaks and cool highlights. However, there are still a few look that they have yet to try that fans are just dying to see! Check out 10+ of the coolest hairstyles and colors edited by fans below.

1. Yuna in a short bob would be everything.

Her natural beauty would look effortlessly beautiful in the beautiful look.

2. We all need Purple-haired Yeji in our lives.

She looks edgy yet feminine in a bold color like purple.

3. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Ryujin with long hair.

Especially in this beautiful ash brown color and no bangs!

4. Lia would be stunning in orange hair.

She admitted she wants to try the unique color, so let’s hope one day she goes for it!

| @chaeryeonqie/Twitter

5. Who’s ready for a big mix up from Chaeryeong?

Colored hair, bangs, short length — MIDZYs are ready for it all!

6. Cotton candy pink Yuna would be a dream come true.

She’s giving princess vibes!

7. We all want to see Yeji with full, blunt-cut bangs.

Seriously, she would look amazing!

8. What’s more elegant than Chaeryeong with a bob?

Correct answer: Nothing.

| @ryusadic/Twitter

9. This Yeji.

We need it, like, now.

| @yejisloveer/Instagram

10. Chic Lia with a classy short cut.

She’s fancy and high-class!


11. Bright orange Yuna? Yes, please!

For a refreshing concept, this would be the perfect look for Yuna.

| @jemizzy07/Twitter

12. Yeji with a blonde bob would be insane.

MIDZYs hearts are not ready for how gorgeous she would look!

13. Lia rocking some golden waves would be perfect.

She would easily become one of the “Barbies” of K-Pop!

14. Pink Yeji is just too sweet.

Hopefully one day some of these awesome looks will come to life!