They’re Here — Introducing ITZY’s Handmade Characters In Collaboration With LINE Friends

They look just like their creators!

In collaboration with LINE Friends, ITZY created their own very special lifelong friends. From their imaginations to the paper, take a look at the unique and endearing characters they created below!

1. Yeji — “HATT”

HATT’s design changed completely from the beginning until the end of the process. In fact, even the romanization of its name was changed!

| @lf_academy_/Twitter

A cat taking on the appearance of a sweet potato, this positive kitty has all the qualities of a leader — confident, enthusiastic, charming, and more!


| @lf_academy_/Twitter

Yeji also gave the sweet potato kitty the perfect companion: A carton of milk! In addition, HATT changes depending on its mood. When it becomes angry, it changes into a red and warm sweet potato.

HATT is thoughtful, sweet, and energetic — just like Yeji!


2. Lia — “LYA”

From the name to its appearance, LYA bears a strong resemblance to its creator, Lia.

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LYA is a tree sloth full of positive vibes with a serious love for desserts.

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LYA talks slowly and enjoys a laidback life, but it’s never lazy. If you take a look at LYA’s eye smile, it’s facial expressions mimic its creator.

Lia created a character reminiscent of herself. (What MIDZY wouldn’t love that idea?)

I want LYA to like the same kinds of foods and things that I like.

— Lia


3. Ryujin — “TUK”

Next up is Ryujin’s tsundere monkey, TUK!

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TUK can be quick-tempered at times so it fits well with easy-going friends.

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Unexpectedly, TUK is totally rich. He treats the others to dinner and proudly says “It’s one me!”

We thought TUK was jobless but turned out as a millionaire.

— Ryujin

The point of TUK’s appearance is the precious way his ears stick out over his hoodie. Ryujin is known for the adorable look!


4. Chaeryeong — “CHUNG-EE”

The cute and clumsy nine-tailed fox is none other than Chaeryeong’s CHUNG-EE.

| @lf_academy_/Twitter

Despite being a 900-year-old Kumiho, it’s super hip. It studies to stay on top of all the latest trends!

| @lf_academy_/Twitter

CHUNG-EE’s key point is its expressive tail that shows its emotions. When it’s confused, it turns into the shape of a question mark.

If I cry, CHUNG-EE offers me its tail to wipe my tears. It says ‘Stop crying!’ but it’s crying with me.

— Chaeryeong


5. Yuna — “CABBIT”

A rabbit in a cat costume, Yuna’s CABBIT is just as cute and girly as she is!

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An honest, curious, and brave bunny, CABBIT is adventurous and full of bright energy.

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CABBIT has a cloud companion, MOONG-GAE, who helps it get wherever it needs to go.

A cat and bunny combination seems to describe Yuna perfectly!


Watch the girls final parts of the creation process below!