ITZY’s Members Reveal How They’ve Changed Since Debuting 2 Years Ago

“I’m a better person…”

Though it may be hard to believe, it’s already been over two years since ITZY debuted. In that time, their music and performances have already grown and evolved with every comeback—but how have the members changed? In a new interview with NYLON, all five members explained how they’re different now.

1. Yeji

ITZY’s leader and main dancer Yeji was 18 years old when the group debuted. Now, she’s about to turn 21. In the group’s NYLON interview, Yeji revealed that she thought she knew herself well in the past.

However, now she says that her fellow ITZY members and the MIDZY fandom are all helping her figure out who she really is. According to ITZY, her members and fans push her to improve herself and show even more of her talents.

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I’m a better person because of them.

— Yeji

2. Lia

ITZY’s main vocalist Lia was 18 years old when the group debuted. Now, she’s 20 years old. Recalling how the members have changed as a collective, Lia explained that all five of them have been close since their trainee days, but now they’re even closer.

Since living together and becoming a group together, Lia says they’ve become like an actual family, or like sisters. In fact, they’re so close now that they can understand each other’s feelings without even speaking.

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It’s really hard to describe. But we have something special.

— Lia

3. Ryujin

ITZY’s main rapper and center Ryujin was 17 years old when ITZY debuted, turning 20 years old last month. Surprisingly, despite her charming demeanor, Ryujin revealed she “never really tried to get along with people” before becoming part of ITZY.

However, she soon learned that she wouldn’t be able to choose the team she debuted with. As such, Ryujin says she learned how to work with and match other people in recent years. Now, ITZY is a close-knit group, and Ryujin says they have more emotions they want to express together through their comebacks.

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I matured in that sense by being part of a team.

— Ryujin

4. Chaeryeong

ITZY’s main dancer Chaeryeong was 17 years old when ITZY debuted. Now, she’s 19 years old. While two years may seem like a long time in the context of her young life, Chaeryeong says it doesn’t feel that long at all to her.

Instead, Chaeryeong says she’s still in the process of learning and improving, which makes her really excited to see where she’ll go next.

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I don’t think I’ve grown up fully.

— Chaeryeong

5. Yuna

Last but not least, ITZY’s maknae, visual, and lead rapper and dancer Yuna is now 17 years old. At debut, she was just 15. Yuna says the members have endured a lot of challenges together over the past two years. As such, she feels like they’ve grown up a lot since then.

On a personal level, Yuna says she was “a little girl” when ITZY debuted, but now she sees herself as more mature—or rather, “I just look more mature.” Ultimately, she says the ITZY members are helping her to grow up in a positive way.

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It made us feel like we can try anything, any concept.

— Yuna

Source: NYLON


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