The ITZY Members Who Owned Each Era, As Chosen By Netizens

From “DALLA DALLA” to “Not Shy”.

ITZY recently made a comeback with the title track “Not Shy”, sparking conversations about the stand-out member in each of their comebacks. Naturally, there were mixed answers to the question, but below is the general consensus.

If you’re curious to know who they picked (and why), read on!


When ITZY made their debut on February 12, 2019 with the song “DALLA DALLA”, fans couldn’t get enough of Yeji! Her unique beauty, combined with her incredible stage presence and dance skills, made her stand out in the group.

2. ICY – Yuna

Netizens think “ICY” is Yuna‘s era because of her on-point facial expressions and powerful stage presence in each performance. Moreover, her stunning visuals became widely acknowledged in the K-Pop community!

3. Wannabe – Ryujin

“Wannabe” trended internationally because of Ryujin‘s popular “shoulder dance” at the start of the song, so it isn’t surprising that people think this is her era. Ryujin’s unbelievable charisma and talent brought new people into the fandom!

4. Not Shy – Chaeryeong

Finally, netizens think Chaeryeong looked especially beautiful in “Not Shy”. Her stunning makeup and hair, as well as her confidence on stage, made it difficult to look away from her! It’s also worth noting that many people consider this to be Lia‘s era because of the way she owned each performance.


Source: theqoo