Here Are 5 Times ITZY’s Ryujin Spoke Up About Mental Health

Everyone needs to hear #2. 🥺

ITZY‘s Ryujin does everything she can to help her fans. Constantly providing a safe place for MIDZY, she gives genuine advice, speaks up about mental health, and does her best to be a source of comfort. In a compilation of livestream moments from Twitter user @ryujinmoments, Ryujin left fans with thoughtful, comforting advice and inspiration. Check out 5 times she showed how much she cares for MIDZY’s well-being below.

1. Encouraging fans to vent their worries to her

Ryujin wants fans to vent their hardships to her during her livestream so they can release their anxieties.

Since everyone’s identity is anonymous, it can be a way for fans to simply get their feelings off their chest when they’re feeling down.

2. Explaining why it’s okay to have tough days

When a MIDZY explained they had a difficult day, Ryujin began a whole discussion on why it’s okay to have days like this from time to time.

She explains how everyone goes through ups and downs and no matter who you are, you will have both good and bad days.

During the hard days, she reminds fans it’s okay to feel down and not to stress out by comparing it to the easier days.

Just push through and remember there will always be happier days ahead!

3. Revealing the truth behind study motivation

When a fan asked for motivation to study, Ryujin dropped a truth bomb by stating that until you know what your own reason is to study, words of motivation won’t mean much.

However, she shared that people don’t typically regret studying — If anything, they would regret not studying.

She shares that even if you switch your life path, you will never regret working hard and studying.

4. Reminding her fans to eat all of their meals

While her fans are always telling her to eat well, Ryujin gives them the same loving energy right back.

Regardless of what time it is, it’s important to eat all of your meals.

5. Accepting that you will not always be the best

When a MIDZY was comparing their own success to their friends’ accomplishments, Ryujin discussed how there can be a cycle.

When you don’t meet your own expectations, you get disappointed. However, your expectations go way up again and the cycle repeats when you continue to disappoint yourself.

However, she shares that it’s okay to accept if you’re not the best at something. As long as you try your best, it doesn’t matter what others think of you or your success.

Watch the full video here!

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