ITZY’s Ryujin Savagely Shares How She Feels About Fans Who Stream Their Concert Illegally

She’s so real for this!

ITZY‘s Ryujin is always thinking of MIDZY! She proved how truly thoughtful she is over the years through all of her extra effort to make fans happy. From using Sign Language to communicate with a deaf fan…

…to even taking fan letters from fans behind the security’s backs, her down-to-earth personality makes her so lovable!

Recently, while signing off from her live stream, she proved just how much she looks out for fans.

While talking about ITZY’s upcoming concert, she’s excitedly asked fans whether they’re attending in person or viewing the show online.

However, fans noted that it doesn’t matter to her whether or not fans pay to watch the show through the official streaming service, Beyond Live. Instead, she’s happy to greet fans no matter how they view the show!

Through Beyond Live or…anything. See you there!

— Ryujin

Knowing not everyone can afford the official stream, Ryujin’s comforting words show how understanding and caring she is for her fans. It’s impossible not to love her!