Here Are ITZY’s Top 10 Greatest Bops To Date, Ranked By Fans

Do you agree with #1?

In a recent survey conducted by Twitter user @archiveitzy, fans of ITZY voted for their favorite songs of all time from the group’s discography. Check out the top 10 tracks that received the most love below!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

10. Nobody Like You

The catchy and uplifting song from IT’z ME received 739 votes.

9. Be In Love

This sentimental song is quickly growing to become MIDZY’s theme and earned 753 votes.

8. Surf

Though it hasn’t been frequently performed, this chill b-side earned a spot in MIDZY’s hearts with 794 votes.

7. Shoot

ITZY’s latest album Guess Who gave fans this smooth song that earned 798 votes.

6. Cherry

Only true MIDZYs know “Cherry” — but enough voted for it to earn 811 votes!

5. Icy

The colorful and bright song that helped ITZY gain more popularity earned 917 votes.

4. Not Shy

ITZY further established their sound with their previous comeback “Not Shy” which received 971 votes.

3. Mafia In The Morning

ITZY’s most recent comeback shot up to third place with 983 votes.

2. Dalla Dalla

“Dalla Dalla” let fans know that ITZY was different — and left a lasting impression with 1035 votes.

1. Wannabe

The catchy song “Wannabe” took first place by storm and accumulated 1309 from fans!