10 Times ITZY Recovered From Stage Accidents Like Pros

The members found #6 hilarious!

The members of ITZY prove just how professional they are when recovering from wardrobe malfunctions, stage accidents, and more! Check out 10 impressive moments below.

1. Ryujin’s outfit flipped up mid-performance.

Luckily, Lia came to the rescue!

2. Lia’s necklace came off.

She tried to remove it from her jacket…

…and it also removed her in-ear monitor. However, she kept performing!

3. Yeji struggled with confetti.

At the end of a performance, Yeji struggled with a piece of confetti that just wouldn’t go away!

In the end, she took it out and laughed.

4. Lia also struggled with confetti.

It’s an ITZY thing!

5. Ryujin’s accessory malfunctioned.

Ryujin does her best to keep dancing while holding the pouch behind her back.

When she turns around, you can see her holding it up. However, she took it of and kept going.

6. Lia’s bracelet flew away.

The bracelet was too big for her and flew off her wrist!

7. Ryujin’s shoes were too big.

Due to poor choices from the stylist, Ryujin was left in a dangerous situation with oversized shoes.

8. Ryujin struggled in her wobbly heels.

Her shoes were hard to stand in…

…but despite the situation, she still danced her best!

9. Lia fell on stage when accepting an award.

Luckily, she was okay!

10. Yeji said the name of the wrong award ceremony.

Besides her members’ hilarious reactions, everything was okay!