ITZY Is Gorgeous In Real Life, And These 7+ Unedited Fan-Taken Photos Prove It

#2 went viral among netizens.

The members of ITZY always look stunning…but did you know they look just as good in unedited photos? Check out these fan-taken cell phone pictures that show their natural beauty that shines IRL!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

1. Ryujin and Lia

Just from a quick glimpse of Ryujin and Lia in real life, it’s easy to see their natural visuals and flawless skin.

Ryujin and Lia | @hwangyeji_th/Twitter

2. Yuna

From her gorgeous face to her tall, model-like body, Yuna looks like a Barbie doll come to life.

| @picyuna/Twitter

3. Chaeryeong

Along with fellow artist Somi, Chaeryeong is effortlessly pretty while out and about.

Somi, Chaeryeong, and Yeji | @hwangyeji_th/Twitter

4. Yuna

An unforgiving cell phone picture is no match for Yuna’s visuals, even when a fan gets up close and personal with her at the airport.

Ryujin and Yuna | @picyuna/Twitter
Ryujin and Yuna | @picyuna/Twitter

5. Ryujin

Ryujin’s charismatic expressions are just as apparent IRL.

6. Lia and Yeji

It’s easy to spot these girls with their celebrity-like visuals from even before they debuted.

Lia, Somi, and Yeji | @hwangyeji_th/Twitter
Somi, Yeji, and Lia | @hwangyeji_th/Twitter

7. All members

It seems ITZY is a classic “pretty girl next to pretty girl” situation!

| @HelloRyuJin417/Twitter
| @HelloRyuJin417/Twitter
| @HelloRyuJin417/Twitter
| @HelloRyuJin417/Twitter