8 Times ITZY’s Yeji Was The Picture Of Elegance In A Black Dress

She’s actually royalty in #7.

ITZY are known for their bright or girl crush aesthetics, but they all have visuals that could rival fairytale princesses. Yeji, in particular, radiates elegance, befitting her position as the leader. Here are eight times Yeji was the picture of elegance in a black dress.

1. 2022 TMAs

Yeji even had non-fans falling for her at the 2022 TMAs, and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s her chic appearance or adorable smile, Yeji’s various charms are irresistible.

2. March 2021 Singles Magazine


The ribbons in her hair add a sense of innocence to this elegant outfit, making her seem like a princess at her debut ball.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram


Always a deadly duo, Yeji‘s charismatic gaze is a sharp contrast to Ryujin‘s innocent expression.

4. Girls’ Night In Los Angeles

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

This look transforms Yeji into the beloved daughter of a rich CEO in a K-drama.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

5. CHECKMATE Concept Photos


Yeji radiates girl boss energy whenever she’s on stage, but she’s the epitome of an untouchable ice queen in these concept photos.

6. Burberry

Even in a hoody dress, Yeji’s aura screams sophisticated grace.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

7. An Actual Princess

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

CHECKMATE‘s concept photos gave us the most beautiful looks, and we can only pray for another royalty concept soon.

8. “I’m the MAFIA.”

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

Who says you can’t be fierce and elegant at the same time? The combination only doubles Yeji’s power.

| @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram       


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