ITZY’s Updated MBTI Results

Two of the members swapped MBTI types.

ITZY have taken the MBTI test as a group before, in 2020, but more recently, the members have said that they don’t have much faith in the results.


When a fan asked what they should do if their “MBTI compatibility is bad” with a friend, all members suggested that friendship wasn’t dependent on MBTI types.

Yeji: Don’t trust it so much. Don’t judge people by their MBTI. So you don’t have to think about it.

Lia: I don’t think the MBTI compatibility is absolutely right. But the friend might think so. So I think it’d be better you not tell him/ her your MBTI.

Ryujin: Pretend your MBTI is the type going best with the friend’s, get close, that’ll work.

Chaeryeong: I think that doesn’t matter, just get close.

Yuna: I’m also very into MBTI, but I think this depends on how much you think about each other. So I hope you don’t think about the MBTI.

Still, when ITZY were guests on Kim Jong Kook‘s exercise series on YouTube, Yeji admitted that she knew all of her members’ MBTI types.

Yeji: This is interest and affection.

Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong | | GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube 

Here are ITZY’s updated MBTI results.


Although Yeji was an ISFJ when she took the MBTI test in the past, she revealed that she’s now an ESFJ.

Yeji |

ESFJs are known as the “Consul” type. ESFJs are generally outgoing and supportive of those around them, always willing to offer guidance. They can be opinionated but incredibly loyal to those they care about.


When Lia first took the MBTI test, she was an ENFJ. In the two years since Lia’s result has not changed.

Lia |

ENFJs are known as the “Protagonist” type. Like ESFJs, they are opinionated but more willing to listen and accept others’ beliefs. ENFJs are incredibly passionate, want to make a difference in the world, and tend to lead others.


Like Lia, Ryujin‘s result hasn’t changed since they first took the test. She is still an INTJ.

Ryujin |

INTJs are known as the “Architect” type. One of the rarest personality types, INTJs are known for being incredibly rational and self-sufficient. They prefer to make their own discoveries about the world and are willing to take risks to figure out new things.


When Chaeryeong first took the MBTI test, she was an ESFJ. But, she seemingly swapped with Yeji as she’s now an ISFJ.

Chaeryeong |

ISFJs are known as the “Defender” type. They are usually associated with being incredibly hard-working and loyal to those around them but would rather not receive attention for their kindness. ISFJs tend to focus a lot on small details and can often be perfectionists.


When Yuna first took the MBTI result, she shared the ENFJ type with Lia. But now, she has become an ENFP.

Yuna |

ENFPs are the “Campaigner” type. They are typically known for being free spirits who are incredibly open-minded. Although extremely social, they tend to prioritize more meaningful and emotional connections with others. ENFPs are also known for being very creative and imaginative.

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