10 GIFs Of ITZY’s Yuna That Proves Her Face Card Never Declines

She always delivers.

ITZY‘s Yuna is known as the golden maknae of the group. She has it all, from visuals, to body, to dance, even singing and rapping skills! While she’s an all-rounder, this time we’re focusing on her face card which never declines. Her visuals have been a hot topic since her debut til now. Here’s 10 GIFs where she delivered the goods.

1. When she was a special MC

She looked gorgeous in autumn colors and a trench coat.

2. When she had pigtails

No one else can pull off this hairstyle like her.

3. When she had a high ponytail

At this rate, she can pull off any hairstyle.

4. When she wore a turtleneck

Gong Yoo isn’t the only mystical being that can rock the look. Yuna’s a goddess in the simple outfit.

5. When she got up close and personal

She doesn’t have flaws or pores.

6. When she was the star

All eyes and cameras were definitely on her.

7. When she was literally Ariel

We loved this mermaid red on her.

8. When she slowly matured

She’s gone from princess to queen.

9. When she paired red lips with a white top

It set off her fair skin perfectly.

10. When she was the it-girl

Which is basically all the time anyway.

God really said that he has favorites!

Source: Nate Pann