10+ Times Jang Wonyoung Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Stunning Doll Like Visuals

Her visuals are out of this world!

Former IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung has always captured the hearts of many, not just with her lovely personality and glowing talent, but also with her incredible visuals! With her round eyes and perfect figure, Wonyoung is literally a real-life doll!

Here are 10+ times Wonyoung made our jaws drop with her stunning doll-like visuals!

1. All Dolled up in pink!

Wonyoung showed off her perfect doll-like visuals in this pictorial! From her cute bow to her pink outfit, she truly is stunning!

| @official_izone/Twitter

2. Her visuals are unreal!

Even when she’s just casually walking, Wonyoung manages to wow everyone with her soft doll-like beauty!

3. Every doll needs a cute outfit!

Wonyoung made hearts skip a beat with this lovely photo! Not only are her visuals on point, but so is her preppy outfit!


4. Classic beauty!

Wonyoung is sweet, talented, and classy!

| @for_everyoung/Instagram

5. Her puppy dog eyes are the cutest!

Whether she’s smiling or giving the most precious puppy dog eyes, Wonyoung is gorgeous.


6. Don’t forget her Barbie-doll like proportions

She’s tall, she’s fit, she’s definitely got the Barbie doll physique!


7. She’s blessing us with these gorgeous photos!

Since Wonyoung has opened up her own Instagram account, she has shown off nothing but beautiful photos!


8. Her eyes sparkle!

Wonyoung can put a smile on anyone’s face! One look into her glistening eyes and your heart is sure to melt!

9. Her visuals are insane on stage!

Wonyoung shows off her gorgeous doll-like features on stage and captures the eyes of everyone!


10. She exudes confidence!

While her beauty has gained her a lot of attention, Wonyoung talent is also incredible! She is taking over the industry with her youthful look and amazing skills!


11. Even up close her visuals are too pretty!

Wonyoung’s visuals might be even more beautiful up close!


12. She is unreal

It’s hard to tell if this is a real photo or not because Wonyoung’s doll-like features are out of this world!

13. She’s always stunning everyone with her soft and natural beauty!

Wonyoung’s feminine and youthful look has all our eyes glued to her!

14. Her smile can light up a room

Wonyoung smile can make anyone’s bad better! Not to mention she looks adorable in pigtails!

15. Wonyoung’s selfies are the best!

Wonyoung’s round eyes and pouty lips are definitely some of her strongest doll-like features.



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