Here Are 5 of ARMYs’ Favorite “Average Life of Jungkook” Tweets

We can never get enough of these.

BTS Jungkook‘s life, as the superstar he has come to be, is probably the farthest thing from average. Yet, when he tweets snaps of his daily moments away from the stage and the spotlight, Jungkook manages to make himself seem less superstar and more… well, more millennial baby. Here are 5 of ARMYs’ favorite tweets from Jungkook that boasted his best down-to-earth, “boy-next-door” kind of vibe.


1. How-to-Eat-Steak 101

As he quoted, “The video and the tweet may seem unrelated, but they are after all.” He explained that he felt pumped after receiving so many awards, so he had to work out then feast on protein. And boy did he not have the time to cut small pieces. Who really does? Look at Jungkook chomping away at that steak like nbd. What a carnivorous bunny.


2. The Workout Flex

Are you even a proper gym bro if you don’t have a video of yourself lifting? Here’s Jungkook flexing his muscular build. This tweet was probably meant to capture the rigorous workout routine — but ARMYs have been blown away mainly by the man in his sexy sweats.


3. Morning Hair, Don’t Care

Even for Jungkook the Golden Maknae, breakfast comes with grave importance. Who cares about bedhead when there is food on the table? ARMYs adored this tweet from the slightly-swollen, massively-messy-haired Jungkook destroying his breakfast of a warrior.


4. Duh

You do this — of course you do this, don’t lie — and so does Jungkook. Naturally, he holds his own dance offs in his hotel room and he tweets raw footage from the frenzy, like a true Twitter king. If this isn’t one of his most average boy-being-boy moment, then what is…?

Side note: This fan boy’s dream came true at Variety’s Hitmakers Brunch when he got to pose with Billie Eilish.


5. That One Pizza Mukbang

Jungkook being bamboozled by pizza cheese is a whole mood. When he tweeted this Chicago-style deep dish pizza mukbang, little did ARMYs know that this video would crack them up and give them life. Jungkook’s facial expression — as he struggled with string-y cheese — is, perhaps, one of 2019’s most solid meme sources the internet has seen.