Here’s Why BTS’s Jungkook Was Meant To Be Rich And Famous – From Fortune Predictions To His Own Talent

He was born to be a star.

BTS‘s Jungkook was meant to be a star. From the moment he was born, he was indeed different from others. Here’s why the singer was absolutely fated to be rich and famous.

1. His name

Did you know that his grandfather named him Jeon Jungkook to mean the “pillar of a country”? His name in hanja has the meanings of a rice paddy, a strong tree trunk and a nation. It was meant for him to be a strong player in the country. Who knew that he would end up being a globally acclaimed singer, bringing glory and wealth to South Korea?

2. His birth dream

His parents dreamed of rain that turned into gold once it touched the ground. As a birth dream, it is an indication of great fortune or success whatever one does.

3. His palm lines

Jungkook possesses the palm lines only had by 1.5% in the entire nation. It is said that those who have these straight palm lines will become rich.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

4. Casting offers

Jungkook was offered casting by a total of 7 companies, including JYP Entertainment. He ultimately chose BigHit Entertainment.

5. His natural talent

Suga once even said in an interview, “people normally start from the bottom up but Jungkook starts from above average in every single aspect. He has a basic sense of rhythm, plays the drums and beatboxes well, and is good at songwriting, lyrics composition and vocals. He is someone with special talent.

Take a look at how well he draws here.

There you have it! Some people are just meant for certain things in life. Jungkook was blessed but his success is also a result of his own hard work and dedication.