Just 10+ GIFs of BTS’s Jungkook In His Signature Bunny Vibe

Those cheeks…! (Squish)

BTS‘s Jungkook is, without a doubt, ARMYs’ favorite bunny. This nickname comes from the undeniable fact that he looks like an adorable bunny when he smiles. But the “Bunny JK” is also a vibe — the strongest when he is off stage and being his softie self. Something is super UWU about Jungkook when this baby bunny energy is at its max and ARMYs can never get enough. Here are 10+ GIFs that capture such fluffiness!

1. The smol-est bunny-sized hello

2. A wild bunny on the lookout for stranger danger

3. Remember to provide fresh water for your bunny

4. Rule of thumb: bunny wants, bunny gets

5. The bunny hop done right

6. Showing off his bunny teeth

7. Judy, is that you…?

8. A sneaky bunny disguised as a frog

9. National Jungkookography: ACuriousBunnyApproaches.GIF

10. Perhaps the most fitting hat

11. Look: A rare brown haired brawny bunny has appeared

12. Yes, that is where your ears would have been

13. Sweet dreams, baby bunny!

Source: THEQOO and Twitter