Just 15+ GIFs of BTS’s Jimin Being Pampered To Perfection By His Stylists

He is such a work of art, really.

BTS Jimin‘s visual can be quite unreal — with his beauty that simply surpasses what can be described in words. And while Jimin-as-is would be more than perfect, his stylists can add some flourishing touches and work pure magic. Once he is fluffed and groomed to the max, Jimin becomes an unstoppable force of UWU. Here are 15+ GIFs of Jimin going from super good-looking to ultra good-looking… at the touch of his stylists’ brushes and cushions!

1. Too Pretty To Be True

No one:

Jimin: (Bats his eyes)

Everyone: HOOKED.

2. Where The Voice of An Angel Flows From

Thank goodness for those beautiful lips!

3. Powdering The Mochi

Got to keep those puffy fluffy.

4. ThereIsNothingToConceal.GIF

That’s because he is already flawless. No need for concealer.

5. Breathing Life Into His Curls

Have you seen anyone else look this good getting their hair curled?

6. He Blinked And That’s How We Knew

Because, otherwise, we would have 300% believed this was a painting of a fairy on Earth.

7. The T-Zone of Your Dreams

Oh my my my, what a handsome nose you have.

8. That Jimin Shade of Blush

Okay, but actually, does anyone know that shade? It’s such a soft spring coral.

9. Brows On Fleek

This side profile has us hyperventilating.

10. Like, There Is No Way He’s Not A Doll Though

Hi, yes, please blink once if you’re real…

11. Messy Hair, Don’t Care

That just-out-of-the-shower look is a whole look on Jimin.

12. The Art of Seduction

(Feeling attacked)

13. Who’s Willing To Pay Good Money To Be That Brush?

That would be us.

14. At His Most Natural State of Being

Jimin’s no-make-up face is just as beautiful as his with-make-up face. It’s a tie.

15. (Googles How To Become Q-Tip)

Everyone, please pay attention to how cute those eyes are.

16. Boing… Boing Boing Boing… Boing Boing

Could this be the secret to Jimin’s flawless skin?

17. When You Have To Squeeze In The Work Out And The Glow Up

Get both done in one go.

18. Adding Perfection To Perfection

He is such a work of art, really.

Source: THEQOO