Just 15+ GIFs of BTS’s Jungkook Winking At You And Being Flirtatious AF

Ooooooh boy.

BTS‘s Jungkook is gorgeous — and he knows that too well. He knows that when he winks, he stops a million ARMY hearts. Every year, he grows more irresistible as the team’s golden maknae with the talent, the visual, and the charm. Here are 15+ GIFs of his most flirtatious moments on and off the stage, marked by his golden wink that will leave you smitten AF.

1. The Hair-In-My-Eyes Wink

2. The Wink On Steroids

3. The Heart And Winks Meal

4. The Fetus Wink

5. The Aim Shoot Wink

6. The Big Boy Wink

7. The Scene Stealer Wink

8. The Suggestive Wink

9. The Candid Wink

10. The Disney Prince Wink

11. The Wink That Will Keep World Peace

12. The Aegyo Wink

13. The One-Two-Wink

14. The Subtle Wink

15. The Slo-Mo Wink

16. The Duality Wink

17. The Ray of Sunshine Wink

Source: Twitter