Just 15+ GIFs of BTS Members As Your Last Seven Brain Cells

We have all experienced #6.

You read that correctly. Here are 15+ GIFs that captured BTS members being BTS members — but in the process, also representing your last seven brain cells…

1. … in the last 2 minutes at work, thinking about going home

2. … trying to make small talk with the creep for the sake of being nice

3. … when you accidentally blurt out everything your best friend told you not to say

4. … realizing there is more money left in the bank than you expected

5. … waiting for KFC delivery

6. … when you swear this time you’re going to eat healthier

7. … thinking about the 12,649 things to do after the COVID-19 quarantine ends

8. … when you know sh*t has hit the fan but you can’t be bothered to care

9. … trying to be badass in front of your crush

10. … when #9 fails

11. … when you look at the time and realize you’re late AF but you also have no energy to move any faster

12. … at KBBQ

13. … listening to someone else’s bullsh*t

14. … when that gangsta rap starts playing shuffled in between K-Pop

15. … screaming “we told you so!” at that one really dumb decision

16. … trying to get some shuteye at 4AM on Sunday

17. … when you really, really need to keep a straight face

18. … about to spend some money on K-Pop merch