Just 15+ GIFs of K-Pop Boy Groups’ Sexiest Half Naked Bods… For Research Purposes

Caution: Contents Hot

It is not too often that K-Pop fans get to see their boy group biases completely shirtless — but when it does happen, it happens. From slender shapes to buff builds, K-Pop actually has them all! Here are 15+ GIFs of boy group members showing off their godly physiques. You’re welcome!

1. BTS Jimin’s Not-So-Nevermind-Able Bod

2. EXO Suho’s Hilarious Bod

3. SHINee Taemin’s Dangerous Bod

4. SHINee Minho’s Wet & Wild Bod

5. GOT7 Jinyoung’s Shampoo Ad Bod

6. GOT7 Jackson’s Perfect Poolside Bod

7. MONSTA X Shownu’s Jungle Bod

8. BIGBANG Taeyang’s Superhero Bod

9. NCT Yuta’s Slim Sexy Bod

10. NU’EST Baekho’s Beastly Bod

11. VIXX Ravi’s Army Strong Bod

12. VIXX Hyuk’s Not-Your-Average-Maknae Bod

13. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s Lean Mean Bod

14. Kang Daniel’s Samoyed Bod

15. KARD BM’s Tittie Committee Bod

16. BTOB Minhyuk’s Slim-Thicc Bod

17. iKON Bobby’s Ikonic Bod

18. Super Junior Siwon & Donghae’s Not-So-Junior Bods