Just 20 Moments of K-Pop Idols Enjoying The Recent Snowstorm

It might be freezing outside, but that won’t stop these idols from having fun!

South Korea has been freaking out over their first snowstorm of the year and everyone’s feeds are being filled with snow creations. People are wowed by just how creative Koreans are being with their snow!

| @hi_cookys/Twitter
| @sweetpotato_kil/Twitter

Even K-Pop idols have joined in the fun! Here is a selection of their snow creations and them just genuinely enjoying themselves.

1. WayV’s V Snowman

| 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

Although it was Hendery who posted this snowman, the figure was made with love by the whole group! Fans are curious about who’s beanie it is wearing and guessed that it could be Xiaojun‘s.

2. BTS RM’s Ducktan Sonyeondan

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM swept the trending page when he posted a picture of seven little snow ducks. He lovingly called them “Ducktan Sonyeondan”, but the true question is, which duck represents which member?

3. ASTRO Sanha and JinJin’s Tribute to Aroha

Sanha’s | @offclASTRO/Twitter
JinJin’s | @offclASTRO/Twitter

ASTRO has a lot of love for Aroha and Sangha and JinJin decided to tell the world through written snow.


| @pledis_17/Twitter

It’s probably easier to eat snow when it’s sitting there instead of falling but don’t be tempted, The8!


| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Rosé’s beauty truly shines in this bright and playful photo of her out and about.

6. Cherry Bullet Remi’s Snow Bear

| Cherry Bullet/Weverse

Remi was not about to make just another snowman, no this is a snowbear! It’s adorable!

7. KNK Dongwon’s COVID-safe Snowman

| @KNKOfficial220/Twitter

This huge snowman looks like it took a lot of work! It has many accessories but what truly stands out is the snowman’s understanding of COVID safety!

8. MAMAMOO Wheein’s Ducks

Duck-shaped snow scoopers are a big trend in Korea right now, and Wheein had to get her fill! After this picture, she went on to fill her entire deck with little ducks.

9. Super Junior Yesung’s Love for E.L.F.

| @shfly3424/Twitter

Another dedication of love for fans, Yesung adds a cute little finger heart to complete the image.

10. Weeekly Soojin’s Angry Little Snowman

| Weeekly/Weverse

Perhaps this little snowman wishes he was a tropical sandman because he is not happy! Regardless of why it appears angry, it sure is cute!

11. VIXX’s Ravi is Ready to Fight

| @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram

Speaking of angry, Ravi is geared up for the snowball fight of his life!

12. Somi’s Struggle

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

A lesson learned the hard way, snow is really really cold.

13. Stray Kids Seungmin’s Adorable Pose

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Seungmin gives us an artistically focused picture in front of a gorgeous tree.

14. D-CRUNCH Hyunoh’s Spoon Man

| @DIA_CRUNCH/Twitter

Hyunoh gets creative with his tiny snowman by giving him unique spoon arms and a big smile!

15. STAYC Having Fun Together

| @STAYC_official/Twitter

The girls wandered the streets together to enjoy the snowfall firsthand.

16. GOT7 Mark’s Chilling Photoshoot

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark admits how cold he was, but he perseveres and gives Ahgases adorable nighttime photos.

17. TWICE’s Dahyun(?)

| @twicetagram/Instagram

This post went viral amongst ONCEs as no one could tell which member this was… not even the members. Dahyun? Mina? Tzuyu? Regardless of who it is, it is a gorgeous, wintery picture.

The answer to your question is here.

18. iKON’s Jinhwan and His Snow Son

| @gnani_____/Instagram

Jinhwan is charming iKONics in this portrait with his lovable little snowman.

19. Red Velvet’s Seulgi Looking Fabulous

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Seulgi’s picture belongs in a magazine. The artistic focus and cutely casual outfit make it an amazing photo.

20. Dreamcatcher SuA’s Long-nosed Snowman

| Dreamcatcher/Weverse

Finally, SuA’s snowman’s personality comes from his adorably long nose.

Have a wonderful first snow, Korea!