TWICE’s “Winter Picture” Mystery Solved: Here’s What Dahyun Had To Say About It All

Twas the most mysterious mystery of all mysteries!

In celebration of the magical snowstorm that swept Korea, TWICE‘s “mystery member” posted a picture of herself posing in the winter wonderland…

Be careful of the snowy roads, ONCE.
The picture is from last year.

— Mystery Member

… though this Instagram update only had ONCEs 200% puzzled. Who could it be? Dahyun? Tzuyu? Mina? Or could it be… Sana even?

| Twitter

After two days of curious fans trying to figure it out, the mystery member finally stepped forward — in a live broadcast!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Dahyun said, “It’s me, me, ME!

Has this solved the mystery for you guys now?

— Dahyun

Then Dahyun playfully “scolded” ONCEs who mistook her for the other members. In the most adorable fit, Dahyun insisted, “ONCEs who have known [her] for years should have known this one.”

If you said it is Mina unnie, Tzuyu, or Sana unnie… You need to go stand against the wall with your hands up! I was really surprised when I saw the comments (laughs).

— Dahyun

So…? Who else is in trouble? Let us go stand against the wall together, because…

… we could have sworn that was Mina! 😂

Watch the part from the live broadcast here:

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