Tzuyu? Mina? Dahyun? TWICE Fans Can’t Tell Which Member This Is In New Instagram Photo

Even the members aren’t sure!

The TWICE members may all have distinct visuals, but no one can tell which member appears in the group’s new Instagram photo.

A few hours ago, one of the TWICE members posted an adorable new photo to the group’s Instagram account. Dressed up in a warm coat and scarf, they warned fans, “Be careful of the snowy roads, ONCE“.

In just two hours, the sweet pic racked up over half a million likes. There’s just one problem—no one has any idea which member is in the picture! With the scarf covering the member’s face, fans have been left to deduce everything from their eyes and nose bridge. Of course, the shadows and monochrome filter don’t make that easy.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

So far, Korean and international fans alike seem to have narrowed the possibilities down to three members: Mina, Tzuyu, or Dahyun. According to ONCE, the left side of the face looks just like Tzuyu…

| @twicetagram/Instagram

… while the right side looks exactly like Dahyun.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

And the full picture gives off Mina vibes.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

So, who is it really? After some heavy sleuthing, fans noticed that Dahyun recently wore a similar outfit, leading many to suspect she’s the one in the photo.

| @dahyunbblep/Twitter

However, a closer look at the caption shows that “this photo is from last year“. As such, fans aren’t sure whether that means the photo was taken recently enough for Dahyun to be wearing the same outfit, or whether the pic is from back in early 2020.

Thankfully, TWICE recently joined the Dear U. Bubble artist-fan messaging service, so ONCE quickly took to the platform to ask the members who it really is. But surprisingly, even they don’t seem to be quite sure. According to Bubble subscribers, Mina told fans that the post definitely isn’t her.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Mina went on to say that she assumed the photo is of Tzuyu, but some fans still aren’t convinced.

After one fan went to the trouble of digitally colorizing the image to help, others claimed the eyes definitely look more like Dahyun.

| @seokgyucci/Twitter

What’s your guess: Dahyun, Tzuyu, or another member entirely?


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