3 Times Former Trainees “Spilled The Tea” On JYP Entertainment

A former trainee once spoke about the difference between JYP and SM!

JYP Entertainment is one of the biggest Korean entertainment companies, and over the years, former trainees have “spilled some tea” on the company. Here are 3 of these moments.

1. Songs forbidden at monthly evaluations

Former MADTOWN member H.O was once a trainee at JYP Entertainment. In a live stream, he spoke about the songs that are forbidden at monthly evaluations. K-Pop trainees usually have monthly evaluations to see how passionate they are and if they have improved.

Former MADTOWN member H.O

H.O shared that at JYP Entertainment, trainees aren’t allowed to sing Korean songs at monthly evaluations!

At JYP, you cannot sing Korean songs at your monthly evaluations. If you ask your vocal coach, ‘Teacher, can I sing a Korean song?‘ then you would get a slap on the back, and you were immediately told ‘no.’ It had to be Pop (English). I don’t know the reason why. Even to this day, I still don’t know why you can’t sing a Korean song at JYP’s monthly evaluations.

— H.O

2. JYP trainees’ attitudes

Recently, former JYP Entertainment trainee Gina Maeng spoke about how dedicated trainees at the company are. Gina Maeng shared that Park Jin Young, the founder and former CEO of JYP Entertainment, “really likes things ‘standard’.” She also shared that Park Jin Young likes trainees who are passionate and “put [their] life on the line and give [their] everything.”

[At JYP Entertainment,] you have to be hungry. You have to want it so bad.

— Gina Maeng

Former JYP Entertainment trainee Gina Maeng | @thesummergirl_10/Instagram

Gina Maeng worked hard as a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and there was a time when she cried in the dance practice studio because she was mad at herself for making a mistake. Park Jin Young found her and smiled and told her, “You remind me of myself; it’s like you’re my little sister.” While her time at the company was hard, Gina Maeng appreciates her experiences at JYP Entertainment!

That desperation and passion I carried with me, even after I had left JYP Entertainment, it was always who I was. It was something JYP Entertainment taught me.

— Gina Maeng

JYP Entertainment founder, Park Jin Young

3. JYP Entertainment valuing character

A former trainee who trained at JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment once spoke about the difference between the companies. According to this trainee, things like personality and ethics are important in JYP Entertainment. These kinds of things are not as important at SM Entertainment. Park Jin Young has spoken several times about how he values things like a good character in his artists!

In order to become a singer under JYP, your character is more important than your skills. The standard of a good person is based more on character than skill, meaning you have to be hardworking, modest, and honest.

— Park Jin Young

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