People Are Falling In Love With Kang Daniel After #AsiaRisingForever And Here’s 10+ Hilarious Tweets To Prove It

Tweet #4 is a mood.

Kang Daniel may be one of the most loveable people, let alone idols. Many people streaming ASIA RISING FOREVER presented by 88rising fell victim to his plethora of charms, including these 10+ tweets that will make you think “same.”

1. Daniel has endless reasons to fall in love with him.

2. If the dance battle didn’t sell you, nothing will.

3. I think we do.

4. Mood.

5. Where have you guys been?!

6. Fans know what’s up.

7. Nation’s center winning the hearts of everyone.

8. Promise it won’t happen again.

9. Pretty Daniel enthusiasts rise.

10. An intellectual.

11. Like…so good.

12. Was it the part when he watered and pet the plant?

13. Join the club.

Watch the replay of the ASIA RISING FOREVER livestream below!

Kang Daniel