“You Only Realize This After Watching It Again” — 6 Details You Might Have Missed In K-Drama “Moving”

All the more reason to watch it again.

Moving is one of the hottest K-Dramas right now. Available on Disney+, it is about three high school kids with supernatural powers, and how their parents fight to protect them. As the drama draws to an end, many have begun to rewatch and re-examine the flick. Here are 6 details that you probably missed the first time around.

1. The purple roof

When Mi Hyun takes Bong Seok to the roof of their little restaurant, the floor on the roof can be seen to be purple. The color floated under the radar of many. After all, it didn’t seem to stand out in particular with the bold, retro color scheme.

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Later, in a flashback to when Mi Hyun was being courted by Doo Shik, Bong Seok’s dad, we see that Mi Hyun once mentioned her favorite color to be purple. More so than being her favorite color, everything in her house was colored purple. It can be inferred that she purposely colored her roof purple, for it to be widely visible for Doo Shik. Doo Shik has a flying ability, and can see the tops of houses. Mi Hyun spends years waiting for Doo Shik to return.

The two have a conversation about purple. | Disney+

2. The bullet marks

When Jang Ju Won goes out on a delivery, a minor thug is scared off by the bullet scars on his arm.

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Ju Won casually brushes it off, explaining that he got shot.

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The bullet scars were actually from the two bullets that were shot by his partner, Kim Doo Shik.

Kim Doo Shik had to put up a show for the opposing forces, pretending that he did not love Mi Hyun anymore, and hence shot a gun at his wife. He planned the shots with his partner Ju Won, asking Ju Won to block the bullet shots for Mi Hyun, knowing that Ju Won had healing abilities. Ju Won should’ve healed from the bullets naturally due to his ability, but the fact that the scars remain probably mean that he did not let them heal on purpose to serve as a reminder of his partner.

Ju Won blocking the bullets. | Disney+

3. Jang Ju Won’s sacrifice

Ju Won’s supernatural abilities were exposed, leaving him as an open target. To keep his family safe, he has to keep moving. As such, his daughter Hee Su has to move around too. To help her gain some stability, he finds work as a miner, allowing her to stop transferring schools.

Hee Su and Ju Won. | Disney+

Later, it was made known that he was claustrophobic. Even so, he suffered working in a dark, enclosed mine just for his daughter.

Ju Won’s claustrophobia. | Disney+

4. Mi Hyun and apples

When Hee Su visits Bong Seok’s home, Mi Hyun offers her a plate of apples. She says that these apples were sweet and fresh, and that she knows as she grew her own before.

In a flashback, we later find out that she had lived a happy life with Doo Shik on an apple farm.

5. The secret NIS agents

When Hye Won, a student from Hee Su’s past, transfers to Jeongwon High School, she says she went to greet the custodian.

Later, in episode 20, we learn that both Hye Won and the custodian Hwang Ji Sung, are NIS agents. The “greeting” was probably a meeting between the two agents.

6. Why does Kang Hoon address his father formally?

While the other kids address their parents as “mom” or “dad”, Kang Hoon is the only one who calls Jae Man “father.” Through flashbacks, we see that Kang Hoon used to call Jae Man “dad” in his childhood, but after Jae Man returns from jail, he begins to only address him formally. In order to bridge the gap, Jae Man waits for Kang Hoon at the shop every evening, to prove that he will never leave again.

Jaeman and Kang Hoon. | Disney+

You only realize most of these details by the time you get to the last episode. It’s never too late for a rewatch though!

Source: theqoo