Kim Jaejoong And Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Name Four Of K-Pop’s Sexiest Idol Groups

They discuss who “started” the sexy concept.

Kim Jaejoong recently reunited with his former labelmate, Lee Minwoo, from the legendary 1st-gen K-Pop group Shinhwa.

Lee Minwoo appeared as a guest on Kim Jaejoong’s new variety program, JaeFriends, and together, they discussed their early days at SM Entertainment, their mutual friends, and more.

Lee Minwoo (left) and Kim Jaejoong (right) | uhmg/YouTube

Shinhwa released their second album in 1999, and the group quickly stood out with their unique styling, which was under the visual direction of SM Entertainment’s founder, Lee Soo Man.

Lee Minwoo revealed that each member’s style was based on a character, including member Dongwan wearing makeup based on the movie The Crow.

Lee Minwoo and Kim Jaejoong both agreed they thought the style was “so cool” and felt it was new and revolutionary for K-Pop at the time.

The Shinhwa member broke down his typical stage style, sharing he would often wear sleeveless shirts and leave a few buttons undone, like fellow member Junjin, stating they wanted to look masculine.

While discussing Shinhwa’s image, Lee Minwoo and Kim Jaejoong named the “sexiest” idol groups from K-Pop’s first, second, and third generations.

1st Generation


Jaejoong named Shinhwa the “first generation of ‘sexy’ idols,” and the group certainly lived up to their name with their fit physiques and the release of the 2001 semi-nude photobook, which sold out in record time.

2nd Generation

2PM | @real_2pmstagram/Instagram

Jaejoong named 2PM as the “sexy idols” of K-Pop’s second generation. The talented group from JYP Entertainment stunned netizens when they debuted with “10 Points Out Of 10” in 2009, displaying their acrobatic talents and earning the nickname “beast-dols” for their muscular appearance.

3rd Generation


Lee Minwoo instantly named MONSTA X as the “sexy idols” of K-Pop’s third generation. Kim Jaejoong quickly agreed.

The MONSTA X members are also known for their muscular physiques and masculine concepts.

As former SM Entertainment artists, Kim Jaejoong and Lee Minwoo agreed that SM’s idols are more “sexy with clothes on.

Lee Minwoo named NCT U as an example when they promoted “Baggy Jeans” earlier this year. Kim Jaejoong added that even without showing much skin, NCT U was “still sexy.

NCT U | SM Entertainment

Check out the full conversation in the video below!

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