An OG K-Pop Boy Group Once Sold 15,000 Copies Of Their Semi-Nude Photo Book In Record Time

Can you imagine current K-Pop stars doing this concept?!

Shinhwa has been in the industry for over two decades now, having made their debut back in 1998. Given their long career, the legendary boy group has made a mark in the K-Pop industry in dozens of different ways. However, amongst the many hot topic Shinhwa-related headlines, there is one particular photo book that continues to be revisited by netizens.

Shinhwa | The Korea Times

Back in 2001, five members of Shinhwa agreed to take part in a semi-nude photo book shoot. Eric, Shin Hye SungKim Dong WanJun Jin and Lee Minwoo all headed to the photoshoot location where they stripped half-naked for the shoot. Andy, who was unavailable to take part in the shoot at the time, is nowhere to be seen in the album.

This photo book gets revisited time and time again due to its truly wild concept. The five members can be seen fully digesting their Tarzan-themed look, with their fit physiques and tree-filled background.

Photo of Shinhwa’s semi-nude photo book as shown on “Healing Camp” | SBS

The 5 Shinhwa boys also posed in the ocean with no clothes on…


…a 21-year-old Jun Jin can also be found…

| SM Entertainment

…as well as a 22-year-old Lee Minwoo.

| SM Entertainment

The boys also took part in what seems to be an almost fully nude look with this particular photo.

| SM Entertainment

Naturally, this took the nation by storm as fans and netizens flocked to their nearest bookstore to purchase Shinhwa’s photo book. The result? All 15,000 special edition copies were sold out in record time.

What makes the entire situation even crazier is the fact that it was actually SM Entertainment‘s very own Lee Soo Man who suggested the semi-nude concept! It was in a previous interview with KBS‘s Win Win that Shinhwa member Jun Jin shared it was the label’s founder’s idea to go through with the concept.

| Star Daily News

Wow, how times have changed! Can you imagine your favorite K-Pop stars partaking in such a concept?!

Source: theqoo
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