The 25 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses, According To Fans

They’re all absolutely stunning.

Recently, popular polling website KingChoice posted two Korean entertainment-related polls: One for fans to vote for the most handsome actors of 2021, and one to vote for the most beautiful actresses of the year as well.

Song Ji Hyo

The polls usually gain hundreds of thousands of votes over the weeks that they’re active, and this one was no different, which helps to make the results drawn from a relatively large and diverse population.

Seo Ye Ji

All polls like this have answers that are entirely subjective, since all of the Korean actresses on this list are beautiful in their own way. However, with such a large pool of answers, it is interesting to see which actresses did end up on top!

Park Shin Hye

These are the current 25 most beautiful Korean actresses in the industry, determined by fans.

25. Jung So Min

24. Lee Sung Kyung

23. Jo Bo Ah

22. Jung Eun Chae

21. Kim Hee Sun

20. Kim Da Mi

19. Moon Chae Won

18. Jun Ji Hyun

17. Song Hye Kyo

16. Kim Ji Won

15. Park Min Young

14. Nam Ji Hyun

13. IU

12. Han Hyo Joo

11. Kim Yoo Jung

10. Bae Suzy

9. Son Ye Jin

8. Kim So Hyun

7. Park Shin Hye

6. Kim Go Eun

5. Jeon So Min

4. Kim Hyun Joo

3. Song Ji Hyo

2. Go Ara

1. Seo Ye Ji

Source: KingChoice

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