7 Korean Celebrities Who Are Praised For Their Visuals After Gaining Weight

#3 looks younger than ever before!

These Korean actresses and idols only became more gorgeous when they gained weight. Take a look at some of the celebs below that netizens swooned over because of their visual transformation!

1. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Recently, netizens are raving over Yoona’s weight gain that gives her a healthy and confident appearance. Previously, Yoona has always had a very thin appearance.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona before weight gain | TV Daily

However, when she emerged for press conference for Confidential Assignment 2: International, fans commented how Yoona has the glowing visuals of a goddess.

After | News 1
| News 1

Fans loved the healthy change and seeing her so comfortable in her own skin!


2. V (BTS)

Ever since maturing, V is known for his mature visuals including his serious gaze and prominent jawline.

BTS’s V before weight gain | @V_ibe_1230/Twitter

However, V once revealed that the era he gained weight for was “Fake Love” in 2018.

After | @kimtaehyung_net/Twitter

He doesn’t feel bad about it at all. Instead, he actually loved it since ARMY found him really cute with the extra weight!

With his chubbier cheeks, his face had a rounder and softer appearance that ARMY found extremely cute — for obvious reasons!

| @SAVEME_TH/Twitter

3. IU

IU has always been thin ever since her debut, but her recent weight gain is earning her praise from netizens.

IU before weight gain | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On March 30, IU attended an event for her upcoming movie “Dream” and once again gained attention for her gorgeous visuals.

After | Ilgan Sports
| Sports Q

Her recent weight gain and image change had drawn attention after it seemed like the idol was “aging backward.”

| MHN Sports
| Segye

4. Seolhyun (AOA)

Seolhyun is known for her model-like proportions.

AOA’s Seolhyun before weight gain | MHN

During her trip to Bali over Christmas time, she revealed she gained weight!

After | @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

However, fans could only see a difference in her cute chubby cheeks, not her body.

| @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

Seolhyun is truly blessed!

| @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

5. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah’s typical look is a fit physique and pretty appearance.

Shin Min Ah before weight gain | Osen

However, after gaining weight, her round cheeks gave her a whole new and adorable look!

After | Osen
| Osen

The new look made her appear more youthful.

| Newsen
| 1S

6. Park Jung Ah

Typically, Park Jung Ah has a slender appearance with little body fat.

Park Jung Ah before weight gain | Ajunews

However, after gaining weight from pregnancy, she seems to glow!

After | @jjungah0224/Instagram
| @jjungah0224/Instagram

7. Jung Eun Chae

Jung Eun Chae also stays very slender.

Jung Eun Chae before weight gain | Hankyung

However, after gaining weight, netizens have commented her appearance is lovely.

After  | 디오데오
| AJ News
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