Here Are The 5 Types Of Animal Faces That Female Celebrities Have, According To Netizens

Which one is your preference?

Just like people might define their faces as “heart-shaped” or “diamond-shaped,” many Korean celebrities compare their faces to different animals. Check out some of the cutest types of animal faces below that many female celebrities have!

1. Puppy

People with puppy-type faces tend to have soft facial features and big eyes that may be turned downwards. Known for their cuteness, they may have a fresh and youthful look.



2. Cat

People with cat-type faces tend to eyes that are turned upwards at the edges or may have a sharper eye shape. Their eyes can either be big or small as long as they have an overall sharp appearance.



3. Bunny

Those with bunny-type faces are often known for their cute front teeth that can resemble a rabbit’s teeth. They also tend to have big, round eyes.



4. Deer

Those with deer-type faces often have an oval-shaped face that is longer than it is wide, a narrow jawline, and twinkling eyes.



5. Fox

People with fox type faces tend to have a combination of round and sharp features, including a sharp nose and eyes with pouty lips that curl upwards at the edges.



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