Korean Fans Believe These 3 Girl Groups Will Lead The 4th Generation Of K-Pop

And we stan them all! 💖

K-Pop is bigger than ever. And flourishing in the latest era of K-Pop are “4th generation” girl groups! Packed with talent and visual, these groups come armed with well-rounded all-star members, trained by field experts who built the industry from the ground up.

And among the countless groups that burst onto the scene, these three have been showing the most potential to be the industry leaders — according to Korean K-Pop fans!


Having debuted the earliest out of the three, ITZY became “monster rookies” in February of 2019. With all five members being powerful vocalists as well as powerful dancers, ITZY have been fearless with breaking industry norms and trying bold, new concepts.

ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Korean fans believe the unbreakable bond the members show among themselves attest to the success that ITZY will see as a group!


STAYC debuted in November 2020 amid some high anticipation, as the group’s producer Black Eyed Pilseung revealed that it took him three years to “find the members that had the right talents and the right personalities.” The time and effort that went into creating STAYC has surely paid off though, as these rookies immediately began sweeping the music charts with every release.

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

In fact, according to Korean fans, Black Eyed Pilseung really outdid himself with putting the group together — as STAYC members have not only the right talents and right personalities, but also the right visuals!

3. aespa

With all eyes on them for being the first girl group to debut from SM Entertainment in six years, aespa debuted in November 2020. And dubbed the agency’s most experimental debut yet, combining K-Pop with an innovative AI concept, the members and their computer-generated counterparts are currently making history in the field.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

While at first Korean fans had their doubts about the unprecedented concept, they have come to agree on one thing for sure: aespa is next level K-Pop, whether they learn to accept it or not.

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