The Three Homegrown Korean Fashion Brands IU’s Stylist Loves Dressing Her In

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IU was known for her amazing fashion sense during the height of Hotel Del Luna popularity. She easily won the hearts of many for her wardrobe that was equal parts boss-ass-bitch energy and luxurious. Here are the three local, homegrown Korean brands that she favored through the show as well as her life as an idol.

1. Denicheur

Denicheur makes many pieces for IU when the memo is opulent and over-the-top.

They famously made this gorgeous gown for her during a heart-moving performance of “Dear Name”.

A scarlet gown of theirs was also featured in “Celebrity”.


The same music video saw IU dressed in a sequin number from Denicheur.


She also recently wore the brand in “Lilac”.

Not only does Denicheur make the most princessy dresses, they also craft unique suits.

We would love to wear one of their confections!

2. Avouavou

Avouavou is a brand loved by many for its simple yet elegant pieces. IU favored the brand in Hotel Del Luna where she had to come across as professional yet fashionable. She wore many of their two-piece suits.

Our favorite outfit from the brand on IU was this silky trench coat.

They also crafted this delicate yellow dress.

Lace and black are always a good combination.

Here come the suits! We love this white number.

This blue skirt-suit was adorable.

She even wore one of their suits for a CF.

3. Bride And You

We’re moving into bridal territory! Although Bride And You does not exclusively manufacture only wedding-worthy pieces, their aesthetic sure goes down that territory.

They also did this understated velvet number.

We love this simple white double-breasted dress.

IU also donned one of their short-sleeved suit-skirts in Hotel Del Luna.

The brand suits IU’s image to a T.

They often feature a ribbon-neck.

This iconic red a-line dress was by them as well.

We’d love to be able to try on an item from any of these brands one day!

Source: theqoo