Calling It Quits: Celebrity Couples Who Divorced In 2023

They are no longer together.

This year, some celebrity couples announced their relationships while others announced their breakups and divorces. Here are 7 celebrity couples who parted ways in 2023.

1. Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu, a figure skating legend loved by millions (including the K-Pop community), announced his divorce just months after getting married to a non-celebrity.

Yuzuru Hanyu | Wikipedia

In a statement, Yuzuru Hanyu explained that he was divorcing his wife in order to spare her from the media circus their lives had become. The couple endured harassment, stalking, and much more during their short marriage.

To everyone who has supported me,

Thank you so much for your warm words and encouragement as always. It is a personal matter, but there is something I want to tell you guys. I previously married a non-celebrity. We married each other after undertaking that we both sincerely respect and treasure each other. We have both taken a few things into consideration in order to protect each other and have overcome things together. As we lived like that, the situation where my wife was not able to take a single step outside the house continued to happen. She acted so as to protect me, and has been supportive of me.

Currently, a variety of media outlets have been acting in an untoward way, verbally harassing, stalking, investigating and publishing without permission, involving my non-celebrity wife, her family, or those related to her, as well as my family, and those related to me. Even in our own homes, there were times where suspicious people would come by, even screaming at us.

But as I was unskilled in dealing with it, currently, it is very difficult for us to bear this, and it is hard to continue to protect ourselves if the situation continues. Considering the chances that the situation will continue, even if it temporarily gets better, thinking of the future and her happiness, in order for her happiness to not be limited, we have decided to get divorced.

Moving forward, I sincerely beseech of you, to stop all the harassment, stalking, and untoward behavior towards my non-celebrity [former] partner, her family and those related to her, as well as towards those of mine.

Please continue to support me in the future.

— Yuzuru Hanyu

2. Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Suk

In October, Korean media announced that TV Personality Park Ji Yoon and Choi Dong Suk were reportedly headed for divorce. The couple, who met while Park Ji Yoon was a KBS announcer, were seen as family role models by the Korean public.

Park Ji Yoon (left) and Choi Dong Suk (right) | Newsis

The Fact reported that the couple had attended divorce court to hand in their divorce papers. In response, Park Ji Yoon’s label, JDB Entertainment, stated:

It is right that Park Ji Yoon has chosen to get divorced. We will reveal more in a later statement.

— JDB Entertainment

3. Kang Sung Yeon and Kim Ga On

Most recently, news broke that actress Kang Sung Yeon and pianist Kim Ga On have divorced. Kang Sung Yeon, who starred in K-Dramas such as Three Guys And Three Girls and Wife Returns, married Kim Ga On in 2012.

Kang Sung Yeon (right) and Kim Ga On (left) | Wolyo Shinmun

Kang Sung Yeon’s label revealed that the divorce was caused by personality differences. She currently has custody of their children.

Kang Sung Yeon got divorced due to clashes in their personalities.

— Dear ENT

4. Seo In Young

In September, the husband of former Jewelry member Seo In Young reportedly filed for divorce, blindsiding his wife. They had married less than a year earlier.

Seo In Young

Seo In Young spoke with Ilgan Sports, expressing her shock. At the time, she stated that she was willing to work through problems with her husband to save their marriage.

I am shocked after learning of our divorce through articles. Recently, my husband told me that we weren’t a good fit for one another and that he wanted to break up, but we have never directly talked about a divorce. [. . .]

I am a little shocked right now, so I think I need to figure out what’s going on. I have no plans to divorce my husband. Nothing bad happened between us. I am going to have to talk to him further.

— Seo In Young

5. Ki Eun Se

After 11 years of marriage, reports announced that actress and influencer Ki Eun Se and her non-celebrity husband would be divorcing due to personality differences.

Ki Eun Se | Maeil Kyungjae

Ki Eun Se’s agency, Sublime, confirmed the news.

Ki Eun Se’s estranged husband (left) | sosorang

It is true that the couple has decided to end their marriage due to personality differences. We are preparing a statement on the news.

— Sublime

6. Seo Sarang and Lee Jung Hwan

In November, former girl group member Seo Sarang announced that she divorced her husband, Lee Jung Hwan. Not long after appearing on Between Marriage And Divorce (translated title from 결혼과 이혼 사이), the actress accused her husband of domestic abuse, and Lee Jung Hwan denied the allegations.

Seo Sarang | Wikitree

In her Instagram post, which has since been deleted, she announced that after one year of divorce proceedings, her legal battle with her now ex-husband had ended.

My lovelies… It’s finally over… LOL. My legal battle has finally ended after over a year. For whatever reason, after receiving the notice from my lawyer, I started crying.

It isn’t only because of the divorce. Thinking about my life, there were times that I was angry at the world and wondered why, at this age, I was going through things some people may never experience in their lifetime. But now, these experiences have strengthened me. I think I have matured to where now I can love all of my good and bad experiences :).

— Seo Sarang

7. LABOUM member Yulhee And FTISLAND’s Choi Minhwan

Beloved idol couple Yulhee and Choi Minhwan announced their divorce in December.

Choi Minhwan (left) and Yulhee (right) | pinterest

Today, I am sorry for coming to you guys with heavy news, but I am writing this to tell you in person. After many efforts and conversations, we have decided to go our separate ways.

— Yulhee

Yulhee assured fans that although she and her ex-husband are no longer together, they are doing their best to raise their children and communicate with each other.

Although our road as a couple have ended, it does not mean our responsibilities as a father and mother have come to an end. Therefore, we are doing our best to raise our children and to communicate.

— Yulhee

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