Korean Netizens Compiled Gifs Of Idols In Real Life And The Results Are Stunning

These gifs will leave you breathless:

Korean netizens have recently compiled a series of gifs capturing idols in real life. From having fun behind the scenes to simply walking, these gifs prove that idols are truly one of a kind. Now without further ado and in no particular order, here are some of the many gifs that will make your heart flutter. Just a warning, these gifs are almost too much to handle!


1. This unreal moment with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo


2. Who knew Girl’s Day’s Hyeri could make walking look so good?


3. Just a gif of Red Velvet’s Irene looking as flawless as ever


4. When IU looked right into the camera and instantly stole everyone’s heart


5. BLACKPINK Jennie’s oh so cute bow


6. The time TWICE’s Jeongyeon did this and it was way too much for our hearts


7. BTS Jimin’s heart fluttering smile


8. And BLACKPINK Jisoo’s sweet crown


9. The time Red Velvet’s Joy became a viral sensation with her walk


10. When BTS’s Jungkook got a little too close and destroyed our hearts


11. This surreal gif of Lee Dong Wook getting into a car


12. Or this quick turn by Lee Jong Suk


13. This gif of EXO’s Sehun that always makes hearts skip a beat


14. And this amazing video of Park Bo Gum


15. This stunning gif of Seohyun


16. And this amazing one of AOA’s Seolhyun


17. Shin Min Ah can make the simple act of walking past look fabulous


18. And Apink’s Naeun can make a simple head turn into a work of art


19. This gif of Suzy is guaranteed to make your heart flutter


20. And this one of TWICE’s Tzuyu will take you on a bit of an emotional roller coaster


21. This gif of Red Velvet’s Wendy will give you goosebumps


22. And this one of Yoona is almost too much to handle


23. Not to mention this gorgeous gif of TWICE’s Nayeon!