Korean Netizens Release Park Bo Gum’s Pre-Debut Pics – 9 Photos That Prove He Was Perfect Since Birth

It’s like we’re the only ones ageing.

Actor Park Bo Gum is so famous for his perfect features that he has even gained a copycat lookalike. Although many accuse celebrities of getting plastic surgery to perfect their beauty, past photos prove that Park Bo Gum is indeed naturally handsome. Here are 10 photos from his pre-debut days that will wow you.

1. Aegyo king

Park Bo Gum poses in a series of selfies that show off his cute side.

| Instiz

2. Babyface

Although he still looks incredibly youthful now, these photos from his schooling days take the cake.

| Instiz

3. “The boyfriend pic”

Park Bo Gum is famous for his namchin-jjal (boyfriend pics) that look like he could be the boy-next-door.

| Instiz

4. That profile

Despite being in his adolescence, Park Bo Gum’s side profile was already prominent.

| Instiz

5. No edits needed

His beauty shines even in polaroid photos rather than selfies!

| Instiz

6. Peek-a-boo

He looks adorable in an oversized hoodie, peering out at the camera.

| Instiz

7. Athletic student

In a windbreaker and a plain white tee, Park Bo Gum looks like the guy from P.E class we all had a crush on.

| Instiz

8. It’s like he didn’t age

Doesn’t this one look exactly like how he does now in Record of Youth?

| Instiz

9. Sunbae vibes

If there were people like this in our school, we’d never have an absent day.

| Instiz

Park Bo Gum is currently serving his compulsory military service in the naval unit. His last piece of work before enlistment, Record of Youth, currently airs every Monday and Tuesday night on tvN and Netflix.

Source: Instiz
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