5 Korean Webtoons That Are Better Than Any Rom-com To Get You Through The Summer

If you’re well and truly tired of waiting for “True Beauty” to update.

Tired of watching dramas? Have you already binged your way through all 15 of these dramas available on Netflix? For those looking for an activity a little more static, we’ve got you covered. How about hiding under the shade with a tall, cool glass of iced coffee and devouring these webtoons?

1. “The World Of My 17 / Odd Girl Out”

This webtoon is so popular that it seems like fans can’t decide on a singular English title for it. The World Of My 17 (Sonyeo-ui Segye in Korean) tells the story of heroine, Oh Na Ri, as she returns to high school after dieting during the vacation. Just when she thinks that she’s become the pretty one, she meets three other friends who are more beautiful and popular than her. As she becomes the D.U.F.F of the group, she has to navigate her emotions and friendships as well as forge her own sense of identity and confidence!

The webtoon is already well into their second season and has already been made into a web drama adaptation starring OH MY GIRL‘s Arin as Oh Na Ri. Check it out below if you want a sneak peek of the webtoon!

2. “Love Your Enemies”

An absolutely adorable webtoon about star-crossed lovers, Bae Yeon Hee enrols in college later than her peers after working to sustain herself. However, she runs into someone that absolutely seems to hate her – Yoon Yi Kyung. The two end up in a fake relationship after some machinations and she finds out why he hates her so much. It turns out, during one of her part time stints, she unwittingly involved his mother in a scam! As the misunderstanding gets resolved, they find themselves increasingly confused about their relationship and feelings for each other.

3. “So I Married An Anti-fan”

Ho Joon is a famous star loved by the public and legions of screaming fans. Lee Geun Young is a budding reporter that is tasked to cover his appearance at a club opening and accidentally stumbles onto a moment of his with another female celebrity. As a result, Ho Joon destroys her camera and gets her fired from her job. As her anger builds up, she begins to commit acts such as graffiti and malicious comments towards him. As fate would have it, she is casted for a role as his virtual wife in a reality show about celebrities marrying their antis! Geun Young begins to find out that there is more to Ho Joon than simply an arrogant star.

The webtoon was adapted into a Chinese-Korean crossover drama starring EXO‘s Chanyeol and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun.

4. “It is My First Love”

A sweet and straightforward romance, Eun Jae is a regular office worker who’s world is turned upside down when her new boss turns out to be a boy from her childhood! In high school, with a confession letter gone awry, Eun Jae became the “servant” of Moon Young, a mischievous but kind senior. One day, she suddenly transfers out of their high school, leaving Moon Young distraught. The two meet again as adults and Moon Young confesses that he had liked her back then and still does, a whole ten years later. With a lack of twist and turns, this simple romance webtoon is for those that hate frustrating situations with meddling enemies!

5. “One of A Kind Romance”

Fans of this webtoon often call it “the best fantasy webtoon on Naver“, given the unrealistic setup. Nevertheless, it is a fun, light-hearted read for all. Gong Yoo Il is a graduate searching for a job. One day, her friend who works in producing calls in a favor to borrow her rooftop house as a filming location for a drama. It just so happens that the drama stars Ryu Min, her idol crush, as well as famous actor, Tak Moo Yi. Moo Yi happens to see a book in her room, one that he has been after for the longest time. He realizes that she is the writer of the very book and a relationship between the two starts to blossom as they encourage each other to chase their dreams. As a side bonus to up the fantasy factor, her bias Ryu Min starts to fall for her, and so does a handsome celebrity chef!

If you can’t have a summer romance, these might be the next best thing. They are available in Korean on Naver webtoons, with English translations up on the web in multiple manga sites.