Here Are The Fandom Names And Meanings Of 24 K-Pop Boy Groups

How many fandoms are you a part of?

We recently took a look at the names and meanings of several different K-Pop girl groups, so it’s time for the boys to have their turn as well!

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Like with the girl group list, there are some boy group fandom names that are really unique and clever, while others tend to be a little unusual and maybe a bit too creative!

ATEEZ’s San | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Here are the fandom names and meanings of 24 popular K-Pop boy groups!


Meaning: Fans and A.C.E  “choose” each other.


Meaning: Aroha means “love” in the Maori language; also short for ASTRO, HEART & All fans.


Meaning: A combination of “ATEEZ” and “destiny”.

4. BTOB: Melody

Meaning: “BTOB” stands for “born to beat”, and melodies are needed to make music.


Meaning: Short for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”, and means that “fans are resistant to ‘bullets that society aims at its adolescents'”.


Meaning: A combination of “luv” and “CRAVITY”, for “people who love CRAVITY”.

7. DAY6: My Day

Meaning: Voted by fans, it references the DAY6 song “My Day” that came out the same year the fandom name was decided.


Meaning: Fans are the “engines” for ENHYPEN, and the “GENE” part of the fandom name represents the “shared DNA” between the group and fans.

9. GOT7: iGOT7/AhGeSe

Meaning: Means lucky 7, as well as that fans are “lucky to have each other”; also sounds like “baby bird” in Korean.

10. iKON: iKONIC

Meaning: “iKONIC” symbolizes the relationship of idol + fan; fans fill the space between iKON, so that “fans become one with [iKON]”.

11. MONSTA X: Monbebe

Meaning: “Monbebe” is French for “my baby”.

12. NCT: NCTzen

Meaning: A combination of “NCT” and “citizen”.

13. NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E

Meaning: The Hangul spelling of NU’EST is 뉴이스트, which contains the symbols that appear to spell out the fandom name (ㄴ, ㅇ, ㅅ, ㅌ).

14. ONEUS: To Moon

Meaning: “To Moon” is a reference from the lyrics of their song “ZigZag”: “Just like the earth and the moon, I revolve around you.”

15. ONF: Fuse

Meaning: “ONF” is short for “ON/OFF” like a lightswitch, which needs a fuse; also a combination of “ONF” and “Muse”, since fans are ONF’s inspiration.

16. PENTAGON: Universe

Meaning: “Universe” is a reference from the lyrics of their song “Pentagon”: “You are my universe.”

17. SEVENTEEN: Carat

Meaning: A reference to their song “Shining Diamond”, and that fans are the ones that make them “shine”.

18. SF9: Fantasy

Meaning: Stands for “Future : Accompany : Next : Together : Affect : SF9 : You”.

19. SHINee: Shawol

Meaning: A combination of “SHINee” and “world”.

20. Stray Kids: STAY

Meaning: A play on the group’s name, as well as a reference to the phrase “Stay always by their (Stray Kids’) side.”

21. The Boyz: The B/Deobi (더비)

Meaning: Stands for Vitamin B, as fans are The Boyz’s “vitamin”.

22. TREASURE: Treasure Makers/Teume

Meaning: Fans make TREASURE who they are!

23. TXT: M.O.A

Meaning: Stands for “Moments of Alwaysness”.

24. VICTON: Alice

Meaning: Comes from the phrase, “Always we Love the voICE.”

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