19 K-Pop Girl Group Fandom Names And Their Meanings

How many of these fandom names do you know?

When a new K-Pop artist debuts, one of the first things that fans anticipate learning is what their fandom name will be!

aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

Companies often get really creative with coming up with names for fandoms, and while most often artists end up with something fun, unique, and relevant, sometimes the names can be a little… Interesting!

GWSN’s Miya | @official_GWSN/Twitter

Here are the fandom names and meanings of 19 K-Pop girl groups!

1. aespa: MY

Meaning: “The most precious friend” in KWANGYA, the world where the AI members of aespa live.

2. APRIL: Fineapple

Meaning: A mixture of “fine” and “apple” (which is used as short for APRIL), and a pun of “pineapple”.


Meaning: Combining “black” and “pink” together.

4. Cosmic Girls: Ujung/우정

Meaning: “우정” means “friendship”, and it’s also the abbreviated form of “우주정거장”, which means “Space Station”.

5. Dreamcatcher: InSomnia

Meaning: A combination of “in” and “somnia”, the latter of which means “dream” in Latin.

6. EVERGLOW: Forever

Meaning: Short for “for EVERGLOW”, meaning EVERGLOW and fans will be together forever.

7. fromis_9: flover

Meaning: It’s a mix of “fromis” and “clover” together.


Meaning: “Neverland” is the land of imagination for Peter Pan, where people don’t change and live as children forever.

9. GWSN: Groo

Meaning: “Groo” means “stump” in Korean, and the reason for this word was explained as: “You can always see trees in the park and can relax under them. So like trees, ‘Groo’ means ‘People who always support and stay with GWSN.’”


Meaning: It rhymes with ITZY, and is also a play-on word for “믿지”, which means “trust”.

11. LOONA: Orbit

Meaning: A combination of “oh!” and “bit” (빛), which means “light” in Korean.

12. Lovelyz: Lovelinus

Meaning: A combined word from “Love in us”, and references their first single album title, Lovelinus.

13. MAMAMOO: MooMoo

Meaning: A play on the group’s name, and “moo” (“무”) means “radish”.

14. MOMOLAND: Merry Go Round

Meaning: Stands for a carousel, which is a ride for everyone to enjoy.

15. NATURE: Leaf

Meaning: A natural complement to the group’s name, which symbolizes growth and hope.

16. Red Velvet: ReVeluv

Meaning: A combination of “Red Velvet” and “luv”.

17. Secret Number: LOCKEY

Meaning: A combination of “lock” and “key” that can also be pronounced “rocky”.


Meaning: A combination of “STAYC” and “with”, and also sounds like “sweet” in Korean (“스윗”).


Meaning: They gave the explanation as, “If you love us even once, we will repay your love with twice of our love”.

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