20 K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To In April 2021 So Far

Which comeback are you most excited for??

Can you believe that we’re getting close to the end of March already? With less than a couple of weeks left of the month, April is fast approaching, and that means new K-Pop comebacks to look forward to in the Spring month! Here are 20 confirmed comebacks to get excited about so far.

April 1: 3YE Comeback

Starting off at the beginning of April, 3YE will make a comeback on the first of the month with the album Stalker.

April 2: Hwang Chiyeul Comeback

On April 2, Hwan Chiyeul will be releasing his third mini-album, his first in two years!

April 5: ASTRO Comeback

On April 5, ASTRO will be releasing their second full-length studio album, All Yours!

April 5: Lee Jinhyuk Comeback

Also on April 5, Lee Jinhyuk (also known as UP10TION‘s Wei) will be coming out with the mini-album SCENE26 at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

April 7: NiziU Comeback

On April 7, the Japanese group under JYP Entertainment will be releasing the track “Take a Picture / Poppin’ Shakin'”!

April 7: LUNARSOLAR Comeback

Also on April 7, LUNARSOLAR will release their second single album titled Rise.

April 7: Kim Jaehwan Comeback

Finally on April 7, Kim Jaehwan will release his third mini-album, the first release since he came out with his second mini-album Moment over a year ago in December 2019.

April 8: OnlyOneOf Comeback

On April 8, OnlyOneOf will drop the album Instinct Part. 1.

April 8: BAE173 Comeback

Also on April 8, BAE173 will release their second mini-album, INTERSECTION: TRACE at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

April 13: Kang Daniel Comeback

Even though he only came out with “Paranoia” earlier this year, on April 13 6 PM KST/5 AM EST, Kang Daniel is planning to release something to the public, though the exact details haven’t been released yet.

April 14: CIX Japanese Comeback

On April 14, CIX will be coming out with their second Japanese mini-album, titled All For You.

April 19: Apink Comeback

On April 19, Apink will release a single in celebration of their 10th anniversary since debut, which was on April 19, 2011!

April 21: ORβIT Comeback

On April 21, the Japanese boy group under Dream Passport Entertainment will come out with their first mini-album, titled ENCHANT.

April 21: SEVENTEEN Japanese Comeback

Also on April 21, SEVENTEEN will release their third Japanese single “Hitorijanai” (which roughly translates to “I Am Not Alone”). According to Pledis Entertainment, the song is about, “the youth and their courage and determination as they stand at the turning point in their lives,” as well as a message of hope for a future where SEVENTEEN can meet their fans again.

TBA: STAYC Comeback

Though details such as a date haven’t been determined, STAYC is preparing to drop an album for their first comeback sometime in mid-April!

TBA: Red Velvet’s Wendy Solo Debut

While there’s no specific date for this either, Wendy will also be releasing her debut solo album sometime during the month!


GREAT GUYS are also anticipated to be having a comeback sometime in April.

TBA: DAY6 Comeback

A long-awaited full-group DAY6 comeback is planned to happen sometime during the month, now that members Jae and Sungin are back from their break to take care of their mental health!

TBA: NU’EST Comeback

NU’EST is also anticipated to release a new album sometime in April, which will be their first full-length studio album in seven years after RE:BIRTH came out in 2014!

TBA: Yoon Jisung

And finally, the former leader of Wanna One is also planning on coming out with a new album during the month, which will be his first since he finished his military enlistment last December!

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