5 K-Pop Fails From The Internet That Made Me Laugh And Gasp

Sometimes you just want to live your best life, but it doesn’t work out the way you want it to.

Fails are one of the best things on the Internet. In a place where things that sometimes feel a little too serious, these awesome people who are unafraid to laugh at themselves and let us laugh with them are the best. So, let’s put our hands together for the Internet’s MVPs for bringing some joy into our lives! 👏

1. This ARMY who accidentally sent a thirst video to their teacher

When this ARMY tried to send their homework to their teacher, the mistakenly attached an edit of “thirst” videos featuring BTS‘s RM. Thankfully, their teacher was pretty chill about it overall, but there was still a bit of secondhand embarrassment that occurred here.

2. This person’s mom blaming everything on K-Pop

Parents have opinions on everything, so it’s no wonder that this ARMY’s mom blames everything on K-Pop. While sometimes even the best intentions get things wrong, this mom’s concern over her child’s love of K-Pop is terribly relatable.

3. This person who thought Taemin was a ship name

All right, to be fair, we can see how this fail happened. After all, if you’re a newer K-Pop stan who doesn’t know who Taemin is, it sounds logical to assume that it was a ship name, right?

4. This K-Pop fan who just wanted to live their best life

There’s nothing wrong with being unapologetically you and fangirling (or fanboying) over something you love. Although, finding out someone you know professionally has seen you at your least chill can be a little embarrassing.

5. This fan who was excited about meeting another ARMY

This BTS fan was hoping they’d found a fellow ARMY in their Uber driver. While it’s disappointing that they didn’t find a kindred spirit, this post was really real, and definitely the kind of mistake anyone could make.

Bear in mind that there’s a difference from sharing a fun fail and just being mean!

Thankfully, these people were able to laugh at their own plight and found it funny enough to share it with the rest of us.