3 Times K-Pop Fans Have Gotten Into Physical Fights

One was very recent.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Although many K-Pop fans simply want to support their favorite idols and treat other artists and fandoms with respect, there are also many unfortunate instances of fanwars and feuds between different K-Pop fandoms.

Sometimes these issues lead to fandoms coming together to boycott certain groups by creating an infamous black ocean.

Likely a reference to a “black ocean” in BTS’s “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” music video | BANGTANTV/YouTube

And unfortunately, sometimes there are even violent fights among fans, sometimes even between fans of the same group.

Reply 1997 | Diggle Classic/YouTube 

Here are three times that K-Pop fans have physically fought.

1. H.O.T fans vs. Sechskies fans

Perhaps the most iconic fight, as it was even reenacted in the K-Drama Reply 1997, some fans of groups H.O.T and Sechkies would often fight each other. Although the scene in the K-Drama is intense, according to many fans, it was an accurate depiction of what the confrontations looked like. Allegedly the police were sometimes involved in breaking up the fights.

And Sechskies’ Jaeduck allegedly recounted a time when a fan came to tell him she had fought H.O.T fans, further confirming the brutal nature of these frequent fights.

This fan came over to me and said, ‘Oppa, I fought three H.O.T fans and I won.’ This may seem a bit graphic but I think she was bleeding. I remember telling her she did a good job nonetheless. I felt a great sense of pride back then.

— Jaeduck

2. WJSN’s fansites

Two WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) fansites went infamously viral for their physical altercation. The fansites were filming WJSN, who were passing by to attend a schedule when they suddenly bumped into each other and started fighting.

| @pcy_92_11_27_/Twitter 

WJSN were shocked when they saw the fight unfold.

| @pcy_92_11_27_/Twitter 

And the two fansites quickly stopped, likely out of embarrassment at being seen by the idols.

| @pcy_92_11_27_/Twitter 

You can watch the full video here.

3. KCON 2022 fans

This year’s KCON event boasted incredibly popular artists like ATEEZ, ENHYPEN, ITZY, NCT DREAM, and Stray Kids. So it’s no surprise that fans were excited to attend the event, which, according to some fans, could have been better organized.

Fans waited in a queue all night to enter the venue, but according to some fans, the event staff declared that the order of the line wouldn’t be honored. Mayhem ensued at the announcement as crowds rushed without direction, trying to be the first to be able to enter the venue.

Not only was there seemingly physical violence…

But a taser was even used to quiet the crowd down, as it was fortunately held aloft and not used on another person.

You can read more here.

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