8 Things Every K-Pop Fan Needs To Do Before Summer Is Over

Because it’s not the end of summer yet!

Summer is slowly winding down and fall is getting nearer and nearer, but you’ve still got time to make the rest of your summer wonderful. So before the leaves start changing color in your neighborhood, try out some of the items on this list that will make every K-Pop fan’s end of summer perfect!


1. Watch your favorite Korean movie in your backyard

We all know that an outdoor movie is a summertime staple that is hard to beat! So why not set up your own viewing station and watch that movie you’ve been dying to see for a while now in your own backyard! Or if you’re just not feeling like a movie, you could always watch some of your favorite MVs under the stars!


2. Binge watch all the K-Dramas you missed out on while on vacation

Okay, so you’ve probably already watched them because who can resist a good K-Drama but nothing says that you can’t watch them again! Plus a lot of the summertime dramas have either aired all their episodes or are close to wrapping up so you can totally binge them all!


3. Eat a whole bunch of frozen treats

Although any time of the year is the perfect time for something cold and delicious like ice cream, it’s even sweeter in the heat of summer! If you’re lucky enough you might find someplace local that serves up some traditional Korean bingsoo or find some other fun frozen treats!


But if you’re unable to find any Korean frozen delights without traveling 3 hours to an Asian market or actually flying to South Korea, you can actually make one dessert with some summer fruits! If you dig out a watermelon, you can use the rind as a bowl and add in all kinds of fruit, milk, sprite, and a sweetener like sugar, syrup, or condensed milk. Throw in a couple of ice cubes and you’be got hwachae!


4. Listen to the hottest songs of the summer and create a playlist for next summer’s adventures

There’s just nothing like the catchy dance tracks of summer! Find out what other people’s favorite tracks of the summer were or just listen to your personal favorites. And of course, since you’re already listening to them, start a playlist with all the best summertime vibes for next year (or anytime you really want to be transported to the fun of summer).


5. Learn the moves to your favorite summer comeback

We know you put this on your list of things to do during summer, but if you’re anything like us you probably didn’t get around to doing it. So instead of putting it off until next summer, bring up your favorite track and learn all of the moves so you can bust them out whenever you want!


6. Hold a fan meetup

Every fan wants to have another K-Pop loving friend, but we might not always know anyone else that likes it. So try hosting a fan meetup in your area before the end of summer!


7. Turn off your phone and pick up a K-Pop themed fiction book or snag a book written by one of your idols!

That’s right there are plenty of really good K-Pop themed books out there and some pretty amazing books actually written by idols that can satisfy every bibliophile while also satisfying that somewhat dark desire that every fan has to read fanfiction! So put away that phone, and pull out a great book!


8. Pamper yourself with a spa day

We all know that the end of summer means less play and more work so why not pamper yourself with a home spa day. Gather up all the fun Korean face masks you can, try out the 10-step skincare routine you’ve always wondered about, and see if those weird beauty products you’ve seen floating around the internet really work.


And if you totally enjoy it, keep some of this stuff around to relieve some stress all year round!