6 Things K-Pop Fans Regret Spending Their Money On

#2 is so real.

From albums to concerts, K-Pop can become an expensive hobby if you’re not careful! While many fans love spending their hard earned money on goods from their favorite artists, some have admitted that they regret a few of their purchases during their time as a fan. Check out what users on Reddit picked as their biggest money regrets below.

1. Voting / Donating to funds

Some fans put their money towards donation funds to buy albums, votes, or in other ways to help their favorite artist succeed. This can help them place higher on charts, receive awards, and more. However, some fans reported that they wish they spent their money on something more tangible.

2. Magazines

While magazines are cool to look through, they can be difficult to store and display. Plus, the scans often circulate online.

3. Getting every version of every album

When an album has many different versions, some fans find it fun to collect all of them. However, aside from a different photocard and a few new photos, the albums may be very similar to each other.

4. Lightsticks

While some fans love collecting the lightsticks of their favorite groups, some have reported them to be of cheap quality despite the high price tag. They also can take up a lot of room and are usually only used when you’re attending a concert.

5. Expensive Photocards

Many fans go through a photocard collector phase, and some have spent more money than they would like to admit on a rare photocard!

6. Albums

Some fans regret buying albums altogether since they take up a lot of room and decide to sell them in the end.

Source: Reddit