K-Pop Fans Share Their Real Experiences With The Sasaeng Fans In Their Life

This behavior is alarming, to say the least.

K-Pop is awesome. The genre is loved worldwide because music transcends language and the artists have a genuine, pure love for their fans. In turn, fans return the same wholesome love to their biases. But what about “fans” who take things too far and are willing to do whatever it takes to get attention from their biases?

Brace yourself, because these stories will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 😬

1. Stalking GOT7 fans

Yes, you read that header right. This sasaeng didn’t stalk GOT7, she was so worked up over getting in touch with the group that she stalked their fans!

Stalked Got7 fans in Korea (alone) and manipulates them to give her got7 personal info or sum

—Lily Sims, Quora user

2. Sasaeng offers to give her friend RM’s phone number

This person’s sasaeng friend seemingly became one by accident. After stumbling upon a group for sasaengs, they fell deeper and deeper into their obsessive behavior. The friend now runs a website for sasaengs to share information.

Now she has know BTS for about a year and she is a full fledged hard koreaboo she even acts like she is Asian and try’s to look like one or at least that’s what she says. The reason I know she is a Saseang fan is because about a month ago she showed me a website she runs with other saseangs to get idols private information like hotels, address, clothing, phone numbers, and much more. I was in shock and didn’t know what to say. I was completely horrified of what she was doing. She told me she could get Namjoon’[my bias] phone number for me. I couldn’t say anything because I was still in shock.[my answer was no] She even showed me how to get their information. I don’t want to say to much because I don’t want to get in trouble.

—Mckenna Jones, Quora user

3. Threatening to kill Jennie

This person’s friend was so hardcore, she threatened to kill Jennie for dating Kai. She also made terrible comments about Rosé.

She threatened to kill Jennie because she was dating her oPpA.

—Vaishnavi Pillai, Quora user

4. Spying on EXO

This person’s friend claims to be in communication with sasaengs and shares personal information about EXO with others.

I have a friend. She looks normal, but sometimes she said, “Hey, I have Baekhyun’s phone number”. Or, “ Hey actually only few members of EXO who don’t go to a date”.

She may not a sasaeng, but she do communicate to some sasaengs. I heard phone number is something normal between sasaengs.

—Kitt Yeo, Quora user

5. This sasaeng has a shrine to other sasaengs

This person shared the story of their former friend who traveled to Korea in an attempt to meet BTS and has a shrine to her fellow sasaeng fans.

Her board is cover in pictures of weapons, and she has a shrine of saseang fans…

—Kai, Quora user

While the validity of these stories can’t be confirmed, they are certainly in the vein of what sasaengs have done in the past. Talented K-Pop rapper Grace Kim said it best: “Even though they’re celebrities, it does not give you the right to cross any boundaries.

Source: Quora

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